Pool Service America
today operates as a South Florida based company that endeavors to add levels of professionalism to the pool service business and take advantage of an opportunity to consolidate an otherwise highly fragmented industry with highly predictable revenue. The culture of the company revolves around its customer service mantra, "The Pool Service America Difference," a list of features, advantages, and benefits of doing business with the company that, individually considered, are not shared by most of its competitors.

Our History: In 1980 a young man eschewed the corporate life his parents and friends thought he should have and started a pool care business, knocking on doors of strangers to build his clientele. Decades later, those efforts evolved into Pool Service America, one of the largest companies of its kind, offering weekly or more often maintenance services (professional water chemistry testing, water chemistry maintenance, and cleaning), repairs, resurfacing, leak detection, and equipment installation for both residential and commercial pool owners in South Florida.