Pool Service America today operates as a South Florida based company that endeavors to add levels of professionalism to the pool service business and take advantage of an opportunity to consolidate an otherwise highly fragmented industry with highly predictable revenue. The culture of the company revolves around its customer service mantra, "The Pool Service America Difference," a list of features, advantages, and benefits of doing business with the company that, individually considered, are not shared by most of its competitors.


Positions we are hiring for include:

Service Technician
Service Technicians are responsible for taking care of pools including testing of all (principally) chemicals, adding chemicals as necessary, and performing cleaning services including vacuuming, brushing, emptying of baskets, and cleaning of filters. This position offers a good quality of life including a distinct sense of pride in a job well done and a strong sense of ownership. We train individuals for this position.

Service Manager
Service Managers are responsible for supervision of Service Technicians including daily routing, training, counseling, and monitoring, including regular random field checks. Additionally, Service Managers interact regularly with customers regarding questions relating to their pools. Finally, Service Managers are responsible for providing estimates for prospective pool service customers, and for converting these prospective customers into active customers.

Pool Repair Technician
Pool Repair Technicians perform repairs on and install equipment in pools. At Pool Service America, we tend to have highly experienced Pool Repair Technicians, but in any case the best, consistent with our culture of excellence in everything we do.

Repair Manager
Repair Managers are responsible for the supervision of Pool Repair Technicians including daily routing, training, counseling, and monitoring. A Repair Manager speaks with customers regarding pool repair needs, recommends products and services, and schedules mechanics appropriately.

Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Representatives field phone calls from customers, consistent with our policy of answering all calls by the third ring. CSRs also perform administrative functions, including processing of and maintaining of customer files.

The Pool Service America Difference - For Associates

In the main page of this site site we discuss The Pool Service America Difference for our customers, a list of features, advantages, and benefits of doing business with us. But we also internally discuss The Pool Service America Difference for our associates, similarly a list of features, advantages, and benefits of working at our company.

  • Growth Orientation.

    It is always more interesting to be with a growing company than one that is not. Pool Service America is a growth company intent on leading the profesionalization and consolidation of a high fragmented, opportunity rich, multi-billion dollar industry.
  • Stability.

    Our business is generally stable, lacking the ups and downs that characterize many industries. For the long term, career oriented individual, this represents an opportunity to build a career.

  • The Place To Be.

    Within any industry, there are companies that stand above the others, that are the place to work, and then there are the others. The team at Pool Service America is reinventing an industry that lost its way long ago and is, consequently, the only pool service company worth working for. We do not mean to brag, but it is what it is. If we don't tell you, you may not know.

  • Leading An Industry.

    We are truly different. Like Starbucks transformation of coffee servers to barristas, we have evolved and continue to evolve the pool guy into a true recreational water professional, a highly trained pro worth of his customers' respect. And, like Enterprise's creation of a career path from the counter to the boardroom, we have created a career path from poolside to upper management.

  • A Proud Culture.

    In the end, everything a company does is driven by its culture. At Pool Service America, we maintain, and continually endeavor to improve upon, a culture encompassing a passionate commitment to excellent service, absolute honesty, and decency.
  • Firm But Fair.

    The company is run in a performance oriented, non-political, firm but fair manner that top performers tend to find appealing.

  • Training.

    Pool Service America is deeply committed to training at all levels. We strongly believe that knowledge is key to the value we add, is likely our principal differentiating factor, and is absolutely necessary for the level of success we desire.
  • Performance Based Compensation.

    Virtually every position in our organization is substantially compensated based on performance. We believe that this type of compensation is attractive to the strongest performers who appreciate an opportunity to create their own destiny within an established framework.

  • Entrepreneurial.

    Benefit from the exciting, creative environment one can only experience within an entrepreneurial company as it executes its business plan. We try new things all the time, with some ideas working out great while others, well, flop. This process of creative destructioin is what we are all about.
  • Yet Corporate.

    Our company offers the good of an entrepreneurial environment, while also offering much of the good of a more corporate environment as we structure ourselves for scale.

  • Strive For Excellence.

    Looking for a challenge. You can join The Marines, or your can become part of a hard driving service company. Come join us today as we dominate this business, improving the lives of our customers along the way.
  • Career Path.

    All associates at Pool Service America are encouraged to pursue a career path at Pool Service America, from Service Technician Trainee up to General Manager and beyond to positions yet to be created as we execute our plan to further dominate the industry.

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