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How often should I expect my filter to be cleaned?

The answer to this is fairly similar for each of the most common types of filters, cartridge, sand, and pressure DE (diatomaceous earth). A Filter should be cleaned our backwashed when, and only when, the pressure increases by around 10 to 12 PSI above the level it was at the last time it was cleaned or backwashed. Thus, as an example, if a filter measures pressure of 14 PSI after it is cleaned, then somewhere around 25 PSI it should be cleaned.

How a filter looks has nothing to do with whether it can be cleaned. In fact, a dirty filter actually filters better, as the filtered particles themselves become part of the filter. The only problem with this increased filtration is that eventually it becomes too good, excessively restricting the flow of water. Thus a properly managed pool is simply balancing the positive effects of filtration with those of circulation. Counter to preconceived notions of pool owners, and for that matter most pool service providers out there, cleaning a filter too often leads to lower water quality, not better, due to missing out on the optimal filtration cycle as a filter approaches it clean/backwash level. In fact, an industry trick of the trade is to add a bit of DE to cartridge filters when there are water quality issues. This makes a cartridge filter more effective essentially by making it a bit dirty, helping a pool with water clarity issues to clear up a bit quicker than normal.

Is Silver Level Service good enough?

It depends on what your objectives are. Most pool service, as provided by others, is along the lines of our Silver Level of service, except without the many advantages and benefits we offer such as our no voicemail policy, criminal background checks, professional uniforms, and more. Thus, from a chemical and cleaning standpoint, this simple clean and chlorinate service is generally along the lines of what most other people have.

Our corporate conviction, however, lies with our Gold Level of service, which adds our Science Based Chemical Management Process. Many pool owners have no idea just how important water balance can be to the sanitation of the water and the life of the pool’s surface and equipment, and underestimate the complexity of it.

It is not rocket science, but a bit of science helps. Water is by nature corrosive. Not maintaining water chemistry in a pool is a bit like leaving a bicycle out in the rain. With our Science Based Chemical Management Process, we utilize proprietary systems to prudently and practically maintain water balance reasonably consistent with the Langelier Saturation Index, an equilibrium model that is derived from the theoretical concept of saturation and that provides an indicator of the degree of saturation of water with respect to calcium carbonate. These proprietary systems, which incorporate ideas protected via intellectual property filings of our CEO, allow for practical day to day water management.

Can I get a credit if I’m unhappy with my service?

We maintain a strict Customer Satisfaction Policy consistent with our agreements, which simply stated means that if you are unhappy with something let us know. If we have not serviced a pool properly, let know so that we can correct the situation by servicing the pool properly. We can't stress enough how much our management wants to know if something is not done right - how much we care about customer satisfaction. However, note that in no case will we issue a credit.

Execution is our primary reason for this. In the event one of our associates is not doing something correctly on your pool, it is likely he is not doing other pools correctly. The faster we know about this, the better we can manage our business. In fact, one of the main reasons we have a no voicemail policy is to make sure we get feedback as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, customer feedback is absolutely essential in a business like ours. We are not always given the opportunity provided by negative feedback (note the "view a complaint as a gift in the form of information" part of our mission statement), thus we want to ensure we receive those we do get as quickly as possible.

Does your Pool Service help reduce eye irritation?

The most common cause of eye irritation, by far, is non-ideal pH levels, usually pH levels that are too high. Our Gold and Platinum levels of service include weekly checking and balancing of pH levels, which should definitely reduce problems with eye irritation. Even better, in the unusual case where you still have eye irritation problems, we are knowledgeable about the different causes, and have the capability to do more advanced tests to find the cause and recommend a cure.

For Silver level customers, where the chemical treatment simply involves chlorination as it typical for other pool service providers, you may experience eye irritations as pH levels will likely be out of range. To resolve this, you should balance your pH or upgrade to our Gold level of service.

For our Monthly Rebalancing Only customers, eye irritation may be reduced just after our visit, but pH levels tend to drift within a few days such that continuing to keep it minimized will depend on ongoing pH management on your part.