Pool Service America
can troubleshoot, repair, and if necessary, replace your pool's filter. We work on all pool filters, including cartridge filters, sand filters, and DE filters. Even better, as a warranty repair shop for leading pool filter manufacturers including Pentair and Hayward we can sometimes perform these repairs under warranty. Proper filtration is absolutely necessary for a clean and healthy pool. Not having a properly operating filter can put the safety of your water at risk, and subject your pool to increased risk of unsightly algae formation.

There are pros and cons to each of the three common types of pool filters, cartridge, sand, and DE. We sometimes find that owners wish to switch a filter to a different type to enjoy the features, advantages, and benefits of another. To discuss which is best for you, call our professionals. As with other types of pool equipment, we work with all the major pool filter manufacturer, both commercial and residential. Also note that we offer the entire range of replacement cartridges, pressure and vacuum gauges, and seals.