Pool Service America's highly experienced repair department specializes in swimming pool leak detection services in the South Florida area. With an enviable record of finding leaks, the company is widely regarded as the best in the area. In fact, on numerous occasions, our professionals have been called in after other companies have failed to find a leak, only to succeed in finding the leak in the first of our multiple of visits, and sometimes to succeed in finding multiple leaks missed by others.


Finding Leaks

If you think about it, the interior surface area of a pool is a fairly large surface, making the process of locating a leak a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there are tools and methods developed over time to assist with accurate leak detection. Among the techniques we use to find your leak are:

Sonar Listening Devices

A specialized tool that resembles a metal detector you might see someone using at the beach, these devices use sonar technology, just like U.S. Navy submarines, to detect levels of movement with water. Using a commercial grade sonar listening device is important in providing truly professional, accurate, and comprehensive leak detection.

Dive Dye Tests

We dive in the pool and use dye to detect leaks. This may sound simple enough, but is a process that benefits significantly from training and experience. Note, however, that dye testing alone cannot pinpoint a leak.

Pressure Testing

Plumbing lines are generally pressure tested for 24 hours at approximately 35 pounds per square inch. This part of the process is useful to locate where in a plumbing system a leak may be occuring. This is a very important step that many other companies skip over. A pressure test alone is a fairly extensive and somewhat costly process, but is included as part of our standard leak detection.

Static Test

This test measures the level of evaporation versus water loss through varied series of system runs to further assist is identifying leak location(s).

Above Ground Run and Probe

The complete system above ground (including manifold of plumbing, valves, etc.) is inspected as part of standard leak location process. Probing, generally provided at an additional cost when advisable, is an additional method used for finding leaks where multiple underground plumbing lines lie.

Multiple Visits

We do three visits as compared to most companies' one visit. We believe that comprehensive leak detection cannot be done in one visit, simply because you may have multiple leaks. Multiple visits help to assure that all leaks have been identified.


Minor Repairs Included

For the (regretfully rare) situations where a small patch, in certain areas such as a light niche or around a pipe where it enters the pool, can resolve the leak, we will do so at no additional charge. Note that most other companies use a material that tends not to hold, making these leaks more likely to reappear. Where additional repairs are needed, or where additional leak pinpointing service beyond the walls of the pool are needed to further assess the situation, we will provide an estimate to perform necessary repairs or for further assessment.

Our leak detection specialists are highly trained and experienced. Additionally, we have assigned them to this specialty in recognition of their problem solving capability, a key requirement for succeeding at leak detection. Put differently, not just anyone can do this. At Pool Service America, we have many career tracks, enabling us to place the associates with the best matching skill sets into leak detection services.

Fixing Leaks Once We Find Them

Once we have found a leak, we are well qualified to fix it, a claim that can't be shared by many that profess to be able to find leaks. Whether the repair is a simple patch, a skimmer replacement, a line replacement, or something else, our highly trained, licensed, and insured professionals are highly qualified to repair your pool correctly the first time.