Pool Service America's highly experienced repair department does swimming pool resurfacing for its residential and commercial customers in the South Florida area. Our consultants carefully work with you to consider durability and aesthetics of different pool surface and tile options including Diamond-Brite (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Diamond Bright), Pebble Tec, tile, and more.


Swimming Pool Resurfacing

A new pool surface can dramatically improve the quality of your backyard oasis experience. The marketability of a property can be dramatically improved by replacing a damaged or simply old and dingy looking surface. But why make this improvement for buyers? Do it for yourself. We have found many homeowners resuface their pools to get them ready to sell, only to ask themselves why they didn't do it earlier so they could have enjoyed the enhanced environment for a while?

Beware. With resufacing, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it; and many do it the wrong way. As with everything we do at Pool Service America, we only do it the right way. Doing it the wrong way is like throwing money away. Additionally, we are uniquely qualified as Recreational Water Professionals, after you have resurfaced your pool, to help you take the right steps to preserve your new surface as long as possible.

There are an ever increasing variety of resurfacing options available in today’s marketplace. The biggest differentiating factor is appearance, how they look, but other considerations should be taken into account, as well.

How will the surface look with your lighting? Will a particular type of surface be better suited to a different type of lighting? What are the maintenance considerations of a particular surface option? How durable is the surface, and given what variables? Some surfaces can be quite durable, assuming ideal conditions, but ideal conditions seldom persist.

Pool Resurfacing Options

Some of the different types of pool surface options include:

Quartz finishes, the most well known of which is Diamond Brite®, consists of small pieces of quartz and white cement. Available in many different colors, and producing a slightly speckled finish, Diamond Brite and other quartz finishes do a great job of meeting the aesthetic and durability objectives of most pool owners, and are consequently the surfaces we find our customers choose most often.

Pebble finishes, with the most commonly known one being Pebble Tec®, are made with tumbled rock, smoothed of sharp edges. This type of finish gives a more natural feel, and blends well with rockscapes or heavily landscaped environments.

Tile surfaces, both glass and ceramic, although generally more expensive, are becoming increasingly popular. Fully tiled pools have a distinctively rich look that is hard to replicate, and properly installed may have durability advantages. In any case, border tiles can enhance your swimming pool's appearance.