Pool Service America today operates as a South Florida based company that endeavors to add levels of professionalism to the pool service business and take advantage of an opportunity to consolidate an otherwise highly fragmented industry with highly predictable revenue. The culture of the company revolves around its customer service mantra, "The Pool Service America Difference," a list of features, advantages, and benefits of doing business with the company that, individually considered, are not shared by most of its competitors. Below are some testimonials from satisfied customers. (Names have been left out for competitive reasons)

  • "Thank you for all your service."

    "I would like to take the time to say thank you to my pool guy. He is always so nice and looking out for us regarding the care and maintenance of our pool when he comes to clean. I try to get them out before he comes, but sometimes I am too late. When I apologize for the toys in the pool he just smiles and says it’s ok."
  • "Thank you. Good job."

    "I simply wanted to say that the service professional agent that cleaned my pool today did an amazing job. I couldn’t be more pleased with the job he did. The pool is super clean and spotless. Thank you once again for coming through with great service."

  • "I wanted to commend...for the Saturday service to my pool. He was competent, efficient and knowledgeable about his work. I appreciated that experience."

    " Today our pool is clean and functioning perfectly, according to the aspirations in my contract. The technician... has demonstrated, on his visits, the correct functions and wonders of the pool. I am grateful towards you and your team for all your dedication. This letter is made to express to you the satisfaction with the service that I receive today from your personnel, where I am in no doubt that, if I have a new project, I will be more than willing to contact you again."

  • "The chlorine generator has been replaced. It was under warranty and the people who installed the pool came last week to replace. I appreciate you boosting the system to get the chlorine back to its proper level."

    "I am also taking this opportunity to commend... for his superior service, his professionalism, and his attention to our pool. He is not only knowledgeable. But is always ready to explain and address any issues regarding maintaining the pool, and checking the equipment, salt and pool levels. In recent weeks, he has come with trainees, who will receive the benefit of his knowledge and talents."

  • "Again, thank you for your updates on the pool."

    "Gentleman, I am writing this letter to thank you for your expertise and service that you have given me in finding the problems which have plagued my swimming pool for the last ten plus years. I also want to thank you for providing... as your technician; he is a talented professional who exhibits a level of professionalism that is sadly lacking here in the Bahamas."
  • "I would like to tell you.... did a great job working on the pool. He is very knowledgeable. Thank you very much."

    "Has the problem been fixed- alas, this is a wonderful country where the time factor in accomplishing anything in particular is a secondary objective. Monday morning, I marched proudly in to my pool service with (Pool Service America's) report and diagrams and was met with a gratifying level of interest, an appointment for the repair was set..."